An IP PBX is a Unified Communications System that unifies Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) transforming the Enterprise Communications to the next generation, allowing digital advantage to the users. RAAL Systems provides future ready IP PBX solution with Open Source Technology Asterisk™ that connects with various interfaces, highly flexible, scalable and easily integrates with any third-party applications. We provide a True IP PBX that ensures seamless integration of telecommunication and enterprise applications enabling calling from CRM, ERP applications, or detailed pop-up while receiving calls, unlike many IP PBXes, which only support SIP Phones.

Key features of our PBX Solution are:-

  • Open Source Technology and no licensing fees. Hence affordable.
  • No vendor locking – interfaces with any third party hardware and CRMs.
  • Built-in IVR

  • IP Video Talk

  • Remote Agents and Distributed Office Set-up









  • Built-in Voice Logger.

We are a One Stop Shop for complete systems with customized CRM. We are fully aware of the critical nature  of your processes and therefore provide support 24×7.