About Us

RAAL Systems is a telecom centric enterprise based at Kochi with a mission to provide affordable communication solutions with Open Source Technology. We are the partners of *astTECS providing IP PBX, Contact Centre Solutions, GSM Gateways and Voice Loggers. We have a dynamic team of young engineers vertically specialized in Asterisk™ providing customized solutions for different business verticals including Financial Services, Automobiles, IT, Health, Engineering and Hospitality.
Our Product, RAALINK is the most efficient and cost effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, for any small and medium business to effectively manage all the customer interactions. The tool effectively tracks each and every interactions over phone, mails, meetings for new sales, payment collections, equipment service or any related activities. RAALINK in easily integrated with *astTECS making the combined product a powerful tool to effectively manage your customers adding more value to your business.